In November 2017, Terrior Milano opened his first retail bio-store in Macedonio Melloni street, Milan. We believe that the souls of places can be rediscovered, as soul speaks to us. We are determined to take this path of providing natural solutions to people and we forge to integrate and interact with the souls of places through our store in a positive-sum game.




We sell pasta, rice, bread, grains, chocolate, coffee, juices, drinks, teas, herb teas, jams, vegetable milk, breakfast cereals, oven products, bread with starter dough made with natural mother yeast, cakes, selected cheeses, yogurt, conserves and many many more…These high quality products are carefully selected from producers who share the same passion with us.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are supplied directly from small and artisanal producers.


In the past we’ve built special skills and have made satisfactory results in introducing biological, biodynamic and natural wines. We are proud to offer high quality wines at a competitive price levels, as we continue to search for hidden excellences in the world of wines. Wines vary from traditional countries such as — France, Germany, Austria – but also from lesser known countries with limited yet outstanding wines such as – Georgia, Lebanon, Israel — etc. Most of these wines have limited or no offerings in the biological supermarkets.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is undeniably an Italian excellence yet poorly communicated and traded. Compared to Italian wine or pasta, it is more like the child of a lesser God. Despite the fact that Extra Virgin Olive Oil market place is very attractive and is expected to exhibit high growth trends in the future if innovative practises are adopted, this unique Italian excellence is so to say oppressed by domestic distributors and retailers. It needs a strong wave of innovation in the service/counselling techniques to customers. We are proud to say that some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of the best cultivars are sold in our store. Small producers are our privileged partners and we are involved in devoting a particular attention to those producers from Southern Italy to enforce their presence in the difficult market of a big city such as Milan. We’ve put a particular attention on introducing the history, culture, and traditions of the land where the Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from, moulded by an artisanal work of the people. This being said, Terroir/genius loci can be found in every corner of our store. Enjoy!

Via Macedonio Melloni, 33

20129 – Milano

Monday: 3:30pm – 8:00pm

Tuesday – Friday:

11:00am-2:00pm | 3:30pm-8:00pm

Saturday: 10:15am – 7:30pm

Phone: +39 0238246796

Fax: +39 0237927850

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